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private client
The client requested forum-like pages for political discussions. It was designed using PhpBB system. PhpBB met most of the site's requirements, and it’s practical because of its possibility to modify the site with several extensions. A premium template was used for design. It was slightly modified and fixed. Our previous graphic designer created 16 pictures for the project giving it a distinctive and unusual look. The code modifications were used to validate the user with MojeID service, and the 'Like / Dislike' extension was added, adding "+" and "-" buttons to each message.

Softwarový Servis

Softwarový servis
PHP, Wordpress
Zdeněk Skulínek
This site was created to present my business online. It shows what I offer and charge for services. The template was purchased and redesigned for Wordpress.

Release 2015

Release 2015
PHP, JQuery
Zdeněk Skulínek
The design of the site is purchased in the template marketplace. But he was overwriten and expanded.

SmartCar car rental

2005, 2015
SmartCar car rental
This site is of interest because of the fast price counting feature and good configuration options. Inheritance was used for subpages - the smallest page has only 5 lines. In 2015, site responsiveness was added.

  • Responsiveness.
  • Fast speed.
  • Bilingual interface and possibility to be easily translated into any language. The configuration includes a dictionary.
  • Simple framework. The smallest page consists of only five lines using the inheritance of the basic layout.
  • Fast price counting feature.
  • User logins.

The website can be revived by writing new posts and offers.