Webassembly portfolio


Webasembly, C++, Python
SAWUH (Safety at work)
Objectives of the project
  • Helping to protect workers' health
  • Make the work of safety officials easier
  • Ensure compliance with all OSH/FP obligations
  • Gain experience with new technologies
What will it bring to the user
First, unlike the competition, the app is realy fast, the page with data is typically loaded within 100ms. Users will also appreciate very ergonomic operation. Maybe there is nothing like a pager, they just scroll with the mouse. The number of necessary switches from keyboard to mouse and back. Administrators will appreciate that each table has its own history (flashback function), as well as any record. If a colleague changes something in the app, everyone will see it immediately background color orange (new green and deleted red). The strong point is the filters. They take up little screen space and when you need a more complex search, you simply write a formula like ">10 and <=20 or 50". It is also thought of the user, who do not know the synaxis, and they have the option to "submit" the formula in the dialog.
Technical details
The application is written in C++/Python/PSQL. A major change from others to change the architecture to a thick client and a thin server. On the client, we can take advantage of high computing power and parse (get information from text) a formula in real time and just display the search result. A thin server then has high performance in delivering data to clients. The application behaves more like a desktop application. Indeed. It can be installed on PC/Mobile as an application (PWA - progressive web application).