Repair and maintenance
Having a web presentation, eshop or any app is vital for your business. Your company, the technologies you work with, your needs and needs of your customers constantly change. Changes also occur in web technologies and design trends. Your website or app must look modern and catch up with the latest industry trends. Basic criteria such as content, relevance, clarity, and your brand representation set up an image of your company and must always be up to date. Services like the present one help you avoid stress and enjoy the great outcomes.
When you're investing a lot of money in your website, you expect its attendance to be as high as possible. Even if your website looks perfect, it happens that it is less viewed than you expected. In this case, you will appreciate the opinion of an independent expert who can review your website's performance, mobile readiness, SEO, and security. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your site content assessed, and then decide whether to take any steps to improve it.
The presentation (front-end) of your website is important. It makes your clients decide whether to cooperate with you or leave. Quite often, website traffic drop occurs, even if your website worked perfectly before, and there may be a lot of reasons why. For example, a client sees that nothing has changed on your site for a year. Or they view it on their smartphones and find that your design is not responsive or uses flash applications, and the text is difficult to read. Or the errors keep showing up in their new browser. They may also be disappointed that the service you offer on the site is no longer available or is available under other terms. We are ready to help you with all this.
A web app developer you've hired has certainly made your app scalable. They could use a responsive grid system, a ready-made app, or find any other solution. However, there are many unexpected cases where a web application needs to be modified. Although everyone backs up their data today, accidents happen, and the data, functions and performance must be constantly checked. Contact us to learn more about it.
Add a language
Conversion tracking
Traffic analysis
Adding a language to existing pages is not problematic, but it takes time. Many big sites support multiple languages and use services of translation agencies. It may be harder for smaller websites. In any case, a choice of multiple languages now is not only a basic requirement when entering new markets, it gives a website more professional look and, above all, it is better for search engines. Contact us to get help with this.
To be at the top of search engines results pages is one of the basic requirements for your website. Therefore, you need to make the site in such way that it's not only liked by people, but also by search engines. However, this is not a type of work when a site developer simply writes something, and the position of the site miraculously improves. On the contrary, SEO is a long-term and demanding work where cooperation of all the stakeholders is needed. We know how to do it and offer consultations on the ongoing process if you've already started one.
A long-awaited development in Traffic Analysis is conversion tracking. It logs all the steps and actions the user performs on the site along with the time they spend there. The most important statistic is the percentage of conversions, which means the number of actual customers to the total number of unique visitors on the site. This tool is used after the original project is completed.
It is closely related to SEO. The work you do on the website can not be only supported by assumptions and opinions. It is necessary to evaluate whether your efforts lead to the result. Luckily, there is a number of ready-made tools helping you get precise traffic information, as well as other statistics and site parameters. An example of such basic tool is Google Analytics, but the choice now is much wider. Both paid and free applications are available. We will be happy to help you with their selection and usage.


Android Mobile Apps
Desktop apps
iOS mobile apps
A competitive and hugely popular Android OS is customized for every phone's configuration. It makes developers create several versions of an Android app which allows them to be sure that the app will function properly. Still, when Android releases a new version, you may need to adjust your app to it.
Creating and maintaining a desktop application is a very specific work. Its amount varies widely. Therefore, it requires more time to determine the exact time required for repairs.
Apple's popular operating system is moving forward at lightning speed. Apple prides itself on the fact that all users of their iOS regularly update their operating system. The advantage is that app developers can rely on users' latest OS version, which allows them to reduce a number of versions of their application. But it has its drawbacks. After one of such updates, your application may stop working properly simply because the operating system changed in a way developers hadn't expected. This makes them constantly check and maintain their apps. We offer our services even in case if the original programmer stoppped working with you for any reason.
Many companies use the intranet as a basic means of communication within the company, but also as a storage of common documents, invoices, time sheets, and calendars, as a mail client, project management tool, etc. Modifying your intranet, or even linking it to your accounting system, can boost your efficiency and reduce costs. Even a small improvement can cause a rapid increase in your performance, even become a game-changer in the business competition. I can teach you how.

Repair process

What you need to know
and how it differs from the work on the new project
The exact time is known at the end of work
Any time estimates and setting of deadlines for delivery and planning of projects with an unknown code are rather complicated. Hence, we always charge a real time spent on the project. See the pricing of the project on our
Repair costs are higher than new project costs
It is necessary to learn and familiarize with an unknown code. A modification that the original programmer would do in 10 minutes, may take me up to four hours.
It is always better to contact the original programmer
Due to the reasons mentioned before, We recommend working with the original programmer. If it’s not possible, or you're not satisfied with their work, we are at your disposal.