Imagine a mobile app that works on any phone's or tablet’s operating system, even more, it works on web (desktop).
One app supports all platforms (web, Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS). And most importantly, there is no need to install it, and yet it runs offline!
What is that?
This is a distributed application called a fat client. It is a special website that delivers the app functionality to the user. With this technology, it is possible to play 3D games in the browser window! It can deliver almost any application to the user.
Progressive web applications
The new W3C standard advances the technology. PWA applications run in a separate window, behave like native desktop apps giving a possibility to have a small personal server that delivers data to them, which is the next step to an independent offline application.


Extremely fast
About half the speed of a native application
Runs on any modern device (not older than 7 years)
There are well written W3C Consortium Standards
Graphics hardware support
HTML5 support
NFC, local storage, GPS, etc
Save up to 80%
Save on the cost of all platforms development